Quad Bike Tours

You will be amazed at what is around every twist and turn as you follow the trail from riverbeds to forests, grasslands, sand and mud. Feel the thrill of fresh air in your face and the excitement of riding ATV quads.

This place is truly unique, one of only a handful of places in the world where ice and forest meet in such a spectacular manner, and ATV quads are the ultimate way to view it all!! This quad bike adventure is fun in the sun and even better in the rain!!

Enjoy a truly memorable adventure as you ride with experienced guides to gain views of the Franz Josef glacier and it’s surrounding snow capped peaks.

The vehicles are incredibly easy to ride. With a short lesson anyone aged 16 or over can easily and safely enjoy riding these ATV quad bikes. But don’t worry kids, these fantastic bikes are a first in New Zealand and feature a specially designed passenger seat enabling whole families to enjoy this experience in safety and comfort.

Drive if you can, or sit back and enjoy the ride! The passenger seat is suitable for both adults and children.