Copland Track & Hot Pools

The Copland Valley has long been a famous and infamous route. Famous for the hot pools to soothe the aches of the trampers legs and infamous for the mountain crossing only the experienced and brave take on in the days beyond welcome flat.

It’s a good day tramp to the Welcome Flat Hotpools. The 17kms generally takes the average tramper 7hrs one way. So, taking advantage of the DOC hospitality in the 31 bed hut is a no brainer. During the summer months it pays to get in early as the place is busy. There is a full time hut warden during the summer months and this makes many of the weekend hikers more comfortable in knowing a true professional is on hand.

It’s a remarkable journey if you have the time and the spirit for the long tramp!

We offer a vehicle and luggage storage service as the carpark can be quite isolated for empty cars. A shuttle can be taken from the Holiday Park to reach the track start at the Karangarua River.