Glacier Hot Pools

The Glacier Hot Pools is a haven of natural tranquility and the perfect way to relax after exploring the rugged West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island.

Nestled in lush rainforest, lulled by the sound of gently cascading water, the Glacier Hot Pools invites you to leave your day to day worries behind as you submerge yourself in deliciously warm water, rejuvenating mind, body and soul.

Three invitingly warm main pools await, or you can opt for one of three secluded private pools; perfect for families or couples. Massage facilities enhance the experience. Each pool is surrounded by native bush and fed with pure local glacier water. Captivating birds, flora and fauna surround you and the distinct call of the Kereru wood pigeon is never far away.

As day gives way to night, an evening under the stars, sheltered by nature’s leafy canopy at the Glacier Hot Pools, is a truly enchanting, reviving and unforgettable experience.