Outfoxing Guidebooks, award winning self-guided excursion kits!


Part discovery kit, part treasure hunt!

Our award winning Outfoxing Guidebooks are guaranteed to lead you out on a big adventure!

We got experts in wildlife, biology & geology to choose 5-10 of their most special places along the best local walks, and then write us a fun guidebook on these…


8 Guidebooks for 5 EPIC walks…

So far our experts have written us 8 Outfoxing Guidebooks, for 5 walks. You use them like a treasure map to follow the clues and find these special places along the walk, where you stop and let your OFG unlock a few of nature’s secrets that can be seen there.

Think smarter! Some clever ways to get more out of your OFGs…


$4 days of discovery & adventure

Doing something very different than the other tourists. $4 …A small price to pay for a full day of adventure and discovery in Westland National Park It’s simple.

Our OFGs will point you in the direction of the best free walks in the glacier region. This will leave more money in your pocket to pay for big ticket items like guided glacier walks and helicopter flights

Simply get more bang for your bucks

Fill up any down time

Work that weather to your holiday advantage!

You’ve come for a walk on the glacier, maybe a chopper flight as well, right?

But if the weather should pack in and put you at a loose end, like it can in glacier region, then grab an OFG and head off.

You’ll fill in that time having an amazing fun-filled explore, plus come back all the wiser too.

More than a snap happy tourist…

Make your walk an adventure-filled-discovery. A lot of tourism destinations may as well throw you out in the wilderness to fend for yourselves.

Here at the Fox Glacier Holiday Park, we’ll get you sorted. Rather than having you snapping a few random photos which are the only thing you get to take away.

Don’t end up just another visitor gawking at yet another picture postcard view!



Different from boring guidebooks!

They work on going at your own pace and discovering it all for yourself.

They also represent a new way of experiencing a nature walk, leading you to all special spots.

A bit like in an art gallery catalouge!

Get more out of the great walks.

Giving your walk some purpose will definitely enhance the experience, whether you’re coming alone, as a couple, family or just a few mates.

Setting out to follow clues naturally encourages better engagement with your surroundings.

You’ll see and notice far more than just ambling along!

Be you own tour guide. That’s different!

OFGs offer you the opportunity to become your own tour guide for a couple of hours.

Unlock for yourself a few of nature’s secrets as you connect, discover and learn about your environment.

Control the pace and make it all fun while you’re going along.


Some of the best short walks in NZ just got a whole lot better!

Within just a short walk or drive of our place you’ll find some of the best ‘must-do’ short walks in the whole country. Nowhere else in NZ can you be on a wild, unspoiled rainforest-fringed beach just 20 minutes from the bottom of a freaking glacier! Mountains to the sea in minutes! OFGs turn these great walks into lifetime memories for just $4!

You’ve got the choice of 8 OFGs covering 5 of our best walks.


Mountains and glaciers!

Be impressed by the earth shattering geological forces that are revealed along the world famous Fox Glacier Valley Walk.

View the immense size of the Glacier when standing under its gaze!

Rainforests, lakes and creatures of the night!

See the stunning reflections of Lake Matheson, rated one of the world’s top 10 lakes.

And if it’s dark, go check out the mysterious glow worm in their forest grottos along the Minnehaha Walk.

Wilderness coastlines!

Head out to Gillespies Beach for one of the best wilderness seascapes along the entire West Coast.

It even comes with its own fur seal colony.


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 Why we did it, our philosophy behind OFG’s

First and foremost;
They’re all part of our core promise of being ‘the perfect base for your glacier region holiday’.

We realised that New Zealand has been big on promoting its scenery, but somewhat deficient on providing the real insights. So we invented OFGs to change that.

We listened to what our visitors have been asking for years. To help them truly ‘connect’ with all our special walks places, not just left to do it by themselves.It quickly became obvious to us that people wanted to ‘engage’ and get more out of the local walks. They also wanted this option to remain inexpensive, no bookings or paid guides required. And stay as spontaneous options so they could be pulled out to conveniently fill in a free morning, afternoon or evening. OFGs are a response to all that.



It’s a work in Progress

Coming up with our OFGs wasn’t an overnight process.
In fact they’ve been a real mission and steep learning curve for everyone involved.
And don’t expect us to stop here because we’re committed to continually improving and expanding them