Foxy Stay Planners – the epic way to plan your stay!

We’ve made it effortless for you to choose local adventures in Glacier Country and Westland National Park!

Sort yourself in no time!

Forget endless hours browsing the web before your arrival, we’ve just made it real easy for you once you’re here to choose your preferred adventure activities – decisively and quickly. So you can get on with your holiday

You could easily spend three weeks getting around the 30 nationally top rated visitor attractions concentrated within the glacier region.

But we also appreciate that you’ll probably only be staying 1 – 3 days like most of our visitors do. So how should you decide which adventures to take? Don’t forget you’ll be factoring in the weather, which can switch in an hour from coastal to mountain, even your mood – it’s your holiday after all.


FREE FOXY Stay Planners!

Innovative. Highly informative. Our FOXY Stay-Planner’s not only feature basic information, photos and maps for every one of the 30 most popular attractions within Westland National Park.

You’ll find them arranged all by distance from Fox Glacier, starting just a few minutes away and ending with those which take an hour or more to drive to. At check in, we’ll also give you a comprehensive Look Around foldout brochure showing all the 30 best things to do at a glance.

We’ll explain exactly how to make best use of it, like how all the activities are numbered to make it easier for you to pick up some specific info about any of them from our racks later on. Forget all the usual masses of brochures-to-sort out confusion. We’ve just simplified it all completely for you.

Plus you’ll find just enough blank space to scribble down a few plans of your own as your trip develops.


FREE Booking Service, Advice anytime!

Some of the best advice you may get during your stay may come straight from our friendly, informed staff who all live here at Fox Glacier and know the place like the back of their hand.

You can rely on them to keep you up to date with weather and conditions on the glacier, or get pointed in the right direction to a good forest walk, maybe even a stunning sunset on an isolated West Coast beach.

Our staff are also the best, most convenient way to book completely free of charge all your activities with local operators.


Definitely the smartest way to plan your holiday!

Just do it all here, on the spot once you arrive.

Planning activities always works better at location after you’ve had a chance to suss out the lie of the land, the mood of the place and of course the weather.

By staying spontaneous and versatile, you can also keep changing your plans at the last moment to keep getting the best out of the day, even mood you’re in!



We’re real proud of what we’ve come up with here!

Forget rambling racks of random tourist information that you see when going places.

We present our Foxy Staypanners as part of our ongoing commitment to being the very best place to base yourself in the glacier region. Other operators may talk about going that extra mile for you, but here you’ll see we’ve made it our mission.

Our innovation and boundary-pushing in the industry has been recognised with national tourism awards two years running, one for Innovation and another for Smart Business.

But we aren’t resting on our laurels; the way we inform our guests is a work in progress. Setting such an industry standard comes with a commitment to continually keep improving.